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Everything You Need to Know About Spiral Stair Safety

Everything You Need to Know About Spiral Stair Safety

One of the major concerns homeowners have when it comes to choosing staircases is their safety. Although they look stunning in the right setting, the safety of spiral staircases has often been questioned. And while the simple answer is yes — you can have a perfectly safe spiral staircase — today we’ll dive deeper into the topic.

How Spiral Staircases Came to Be

While spiral staircases are perceived as a beautiful interior or exterior design feature today, they were initially created for the purpose of practicality. Since they can be fit into tighter spaces where traditional linear staircases won’t work, they quickly became the go-to space-saving solution. With that came the question of how to make them equally as safe. That’s why, much like with any other aspect of construction these days, there are building regulations that govern the composition, size, and installation of spiral staircases so that they are safe to use.

Spiral Staircase Safety 101: Installation Is Key

The most important aspect of spiral staircase safety is choosing the right size based on how often it will be used. Generally, the higher the foot traffic, the deeper the tread and the larger the diameter. This helps to ensure there is enough room to comfortably use the staircase, reducing the chance of future issues. Avoid staircases that have big gaps between the spindles or a very small diameter. If you are building the spiral staircase yourself, you should plan its dimensions properly,

The key to a safe spiral staircase is following the installation instructions and making sure it is built to conform with the building regulations. However, it does not stop there. Regular care and maintenance are a must to prevent accidents. You should care for your spiral staircase much like you do for a normal one — regular cleaning, replacing broken or damaged elements, and addressing any issues that arise.

Spiral Staircases Can Be Child Proof

Another concern people often have is whether they can childproof their spiral staircase. That can easily be done by installing baby gates both at the bottom and the top of the stairs. Add in child-proof locks and make sure the gates fit snuggly between the post and the wall so they won’t move. And voila, you will have yourself a child-proof spiral staircase!

If you are looking for quality spiral staircases made with precision, you are in the right place. Browse through our products to find the one that fits your needs and budget!



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