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How to Safely Replace a Spiral Staircase at Home
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How to Safely Replace a Spiral Staircase at Home

Is there an old spiral staircase you want to replace? Perhaps it’s getting in the way of the renovation you are planning? Either way, once you have decided on replacing a spiral staircase, be it old or a dysfunctional one, it is time to figure out the next steps. Keep reading to learn how to safely replace your spiral stairs!

Measure the Space

Perhaps the first step in any construction, demolition, and replacement project is measuring the area that will be affected. In this case, start by measuring the dimensions of your current spiral staircase. When you are replacing it with a new one, it can be difficult to imagine the alternative stairs you can install with the old ones still standing in front of you. In addition to the dimensions of the current staircase, you should also measure the entire available space for a staircase you have. Ideally, you should ask a builder or an architect to help with that.


Check What Building Codes Apply

Another major part of replacing spiral staircases is ensuring that the new stairs meet the applicable regulations for staircases. Usually, if you will be replacing the old staircase with the a new one that is identical to it, if the first one was built up to code, you should be safe. If not, you need to check with the respective authorities or your architect about the next steps and/or permits you may need.


Have Plans Drawn Up

Assuming that you will be working with professionals to replace the staircase, you will need to get professional plans for the replacement. This will give you something tangible to work with. Once you have that, you can talk with your builder about the steps of removing the old staircase and installing the new one. If you are not working with a professional builder, you can follow the installation instructions for your original staircase in backward order. This is especially simplified if you had a staircase kit, like the ones we offer at German Stairs.


Replacing a spiral staircase doesn’t have to be a hassle. If at any time you have concerns or questions about the proper way to remove the old staircase, you can always contact the stair manufacturer for help. Now that you are in the market for a new spiral staircase, we encourage you to browse through our available products and choose the right fit for your space and budget!



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